Sunday, February 7, 2010

for you and the bebe'

I want to do a portrait session with your baby! I will be putting something together that will offer reprints in a package at a reasonable price. In going through my own childhood books of contact sheets, I am constantly reminded of how important it is to document your life. And not just with the standard studio Sears portraits, but the ones that are true-life documented moments. These are my always my favorite photographs. Everyone is more comfortable in their own environments... which makes a more meaningful, natural expression:)

#1. I have always loved the Cypress presentation boxes. The studio I work for uses this company, and they produce beautifully crafted albums and boxes. I like these because you can compile the box as the child grows, adding matted photos as they are taken. I will someday be doing one of these myself. I believe these range around $150-$200. They don't list their prices..

#2. I love these little bracelets, although I prefer the charm in #3. These are from Silver by Pat for $25.

#3. From A Gracious Plenty for $34.

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