Sunday, March 18, 2012

chain chain chained

My dear friend, Regina's shop is being featured on right now! You have until tomorrow to get super sweet deals on her jewelry. Check out her etsy page here, and then go to Fab to sign up before you miss out!

west elm fancy

these West Elm whiskey bottles would look nice on that bar cart.

these are pretty nice as well:

calendars to help your life

I did receive my calendar in the mail, which has been really helpful because I framed it with the glass and used a dry erase marker to circle all my photo events. You can still buy it on sale at rifle paper co. for $10!!

I found another amazing calendar, if you are still looking, from House That Built Lars.

Also, this book Orchards, Fields and Gardens looks so beautiful. It's a collection of 21 different artists/authors who, "remember activities, people, and places that shape(d) their appreciation for small scale food production and processing."
I've been waiting for months for it to be republished and available to buy. Take a peek here to read more about it.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

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