Wednesday, July 28, 2010

i just got you and i'm over you

I thought i wanted a large painting over my mantle, but now I'm thinking this isn't the one for me. Still looking for the peasant like mb's. And I also have been searching for a better quality (not broken, or cheap plastic) mirror with an ornate frame. I just bought this one, but already want to sell it. Anyone interested?? Come on, you can paint it any color you want! it's goin' on craigslist tomorrow.

mirror two

what's your favorite?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I've got a few updates, but I haven't had time since I've been working on photos all the time lately. My free time every evening is taken up with either cooking, making my salad for lunch, or downloading cards and uploading photos. But I did change my yellow mirror yet again! I tried to make it to the glass shop on saturday but it shut just as I was getting there at noon. So I will try again next week, but for now.. enjoy this cute dresser that q projects fixed up! I've been kinda tired of all the painted wood everywhere, because I like the wood! But I think this yellow is really nice. She did a great job. :)

find the before on her blog: here.

Also, look at these babies I picked today. the first of the summer!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

bebe evie was born

My brother has found something beautiful, and is just as embraced with the womb-like warmness that his darling Evelyn is. She is handed from one cuddle to another for 99% of the day. I can hardly take my eyes off of her, but when I do there are two other beautiful lil' girls in the room. We spent a lazy Sunday with family, and I took a few photos to remember it by.

*Evelyn was born two weeks ago yesterday.

Friday, July 16, 2010

you poor roaming enthusiast

when i turned onto my street last night, in the midst of a thunderstorm, this was blocking my road. The wind toppled this huge Oak tree down, just barely missing the neighbors house and a man who ran for his life. The force had thrown the pavement onto their lawn. I know it's just one of many trees fallen last night, but it's still shocking to see such a massive tree being taken down by wind!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

biscuits n gravy

So here's my next attempt, although it's still needing more touch-ups. This is the closest to mustard yellow i could find. i'll try it out in my house and see if it's too bright. But mostly, since the lights are somewhat dim, it won't appear as bright.

Also, just to show you how i have to work here, and the progression of their sleep as they slowly push me off of my own desk. i can't bring myself to move them.

i need more time

more time to learn. more time to create. more time for classes and observing and writing and reading and seeing and being. i need more oma time. i need to cook more recipes from my million books and magazines and scraps and blogs. I am always living on a to-do list created with endless responsibilities that ties me to a truck, that runs one way down a very long and boring dirt road. I need to move to the country, then ride a train to the city and then fly around the world coming home to my family and beautiful home of simple things that shine and inspire me daily. do we need to have jobs? couldn't i just stay home and make beautiful jewelry like these rings, and then take photos of the people laughing while they wear them?

*rings are by lilyya
*&theamazing Househat Bear drawing is by Lizzy Stewart.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

mellow yellow

I found this mirror at a strange warehouse with piles and piles of garage sale type items that Laura took me to. It's pretty cheap and is broken on top, but I thought I could try and work with it and at least have a trial run and see how it goes. I had to break some of the top off to even it out and then I painted it yellow, although again I'm dissatisfied with the color it turned out to be. I think I need to add a couple coats still, but may just go back to michaels for something more like one of these two (I love the yellow mirror!) :

I'll post my changes soon. I think I'll replace the mirror as well.
The other photos were found on Apartment Therapy.


I'm working on a slideshow for Amber & Josh, so I'll be able to show you some sneakpeeks throughout the week. Here are a few others:

Monday, July 12, 2010

white floors

Here's another white-floor room from one of my favorite blogs, A Merry Mishap. This is the living room, which looks nice too although I think I'll keep it unpainted in the living areas, and just make my room white with lil' accent colors.

project 101

I have always liked how this washroom/laundry room looked. It's so clean and simple, yet sweet with the little animals on the shelf and the banner. I like the big white sink and the jar with the soap powder too. But for now I'm starting with the banner. Although, having put the photos side by side, I'm going to give this another go. I don't like how mine looks.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

amber + josh

This past week has been an amazing seven days. I flew to Seattle to photograph my dear friends wedding and I got to.... explore the city, meet wonderful people, drink fancy summer cocktails, lay in the park, drive through the mountains, wash my face with real mountain spring water, and most importantly see my sweet amber. how i missed you and your fart jokes. It's refreshing to be with real people who say what's really on their minds and are genuinely friendly and hospitable. and HILARIOUS! I missed laughing like that. I'm ready to pack my bags.

I'm so happy for you both. Even though you stole my roommate, Josh, I'm happy that you have swept my darling off her feet. You truly are two of the sweetest people I know. And I love your families too! Wait till you see the cake that Amber's mom made.

Those photos were from the dinner rehearsal.
And here's a couple from the wedding...

And I brought my lil' umbrella which worked perfectly for the rainy-sometimes in seattle. They look adorable!
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