Wednesday, July 14, 2010

i need more time

more time to learn. more time to create. more time for classes and observing and writing and reading and seeing and being. i need more oma time. i need to cook more recipes from my million books and magazines and scraps and blogs. I am always living on a to-do list created with endless responsibilities that ties me to a truck, that runs one way down a very long and boring dirt road. I need to move to the country, then ride a train to the city and then fly around the world coming home to my family and beautiful home of simple things that shine and inspire me daily. do we need to have jobs? couldn't i just stay home and make beautiful jewelry like these rings, and then take photos of the people laughing while they wear them?

*rings are by lilyya
*&theamazing Househat Bear drawing is by Lizzy Stewart.


  1. oh my god. the bear and the house. i wanna live on his head. hhahaha. i'm with you. make and create!
    i just want to jump in my car, drive to new mexico, see the amazing colors and landscape and have no plan for what's next. and come back to detroit to see beautiful gardens, smiling faces and an active city. what does it take to throw out a list and just do it?

  2. ...but getting to the end of that list feels so good.
    I love those rings, maybe you could get one from your sweetie for every milestone you check off your list.


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