Sunday, February 28, 2010

color for you.

I've taken a lot of white winter photos this week, so seeing this is a nice contrast. I thought I would share.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

look who i found.

I was starting to get worried because it had been easily over a week since I've spotted the lil' squirrel. But today I heard him scratching around on my porch, eating a pumpkin. So I threw some brazil nuts out and he completely ditched the pumpkin and ate every one of those 8 or so nuts! He seemed surprised to see me, but didn't leave or seem scared. I think he's getting familiar with me. I felt bad because he was shivering a lot. He really needs a lil' squirrel coat or pancho or something.

And then later, I looked out into my yard and saw a trail and a hole. Is he hiding his brazil nuts down there?

which do you fancy?

The top left and middle are from urban outfitters, the leggings being 'where the wild things are' leggings by Mary Meyer for $20. I thought they were kind of interesting. The rest are from Forever 21.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

photo for the day

coco looks kinda freaked out.

in other news, I haven't seen any squirrels in my yard, or any animals for that matter. Although, I got home around 1am last night and then worked this morning so I haven't been here enough to really tell. It's much warmer out though, so I have high hopes.

Thanks for all your concerns! or for just being out there. :)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

no word

It's been two days with no sign of the squirrel, just in case you were also wondering or concerned, as i've been. With the snowstorm yesterday, I am hoping he's hiding in a nest somewhere and that I'll have good news after my weekend trip out of the state. have a nice weekend, m. (I think you may be the only one out there!).

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad!

how old are you now, 45?
Thanks for being my inspiration.

build your own

It seems like this would be a fairly simple DIY project, but I suppose that depends on whether or not this is hollow. Or it could be a couple pieces nailed together?

I'm still worrying about all the cold animals today. It makes DIY projects seem silly.

backyard notes

I heard the squirrel at my door again, and fed him more nuts, and then noticed there was another squirrel who looks to have the same problem. mb looked it up, & to our sad discovery, this baby may not make it. They have drugs to treat this, but it's controversial since keeping a large population of squirrels makes the disease spread more easily. And most would say that it weeds out the weakest, which is necessary in such an overpopulated species. i still get sad to see the lil' thing suffering. I'm worried for the cold storm of tomorrow.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

oh my deer

These are all from Chelsea Petaja's blog *oh my deer*, which I came across on Design Sponge. She's handmade these beautiful hairpieces, this one being my favorite. I love how her hair is all messy and braided. It reminds me of Labyrinthe, when she goes to the costume party.

I've also decided that Chelsea and Tec's dream house, is also my dream house!

* wedding photos on this page by jillian mitchell.
* buy Chelsea's hairpieces here on etsy.

for you and the bebe'

I want to do a portrait session with your baby! I will be putting something together that will offer reprints in a package at a reasonable price. In going through my own childhood books of contact sheets, I am constantly reminded of how important it is to document your life. And not just with the standard studio Sears portraits, but the ones that are true-life documented moments. These are my always my favorite photographs. Everyone is more comfortable in their own environments... which makes a more meaningful, natural expression:)

#1. I have always loved the Cypress presentation boxes. The studio I work for uses this company, and they produce beautifully crafted albums and boxes. I like these because you can compile the box as the child grows, adding matted photos as they are taken. I will someday be doing one of these myself. I believe these range around $150-$200. They don't list their prices..

#2. I love these little bracelets, although I prefer the charm in #3. These are from Silver by Pat for $25.

#3. From A Gracious Plenty for $34.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

lil' squirrel

This squirrel has been hanging around my back porch and the poor thing must be so cold because he's lost all his fur. He seems to be sick because he's always scratching his back. I put a nut mix out the other day but never saw him. Today though, I threw some almonds and walnuts out there and he didn't run. I even snuck this photo. he needs a lil' squirrel coat.

Here's another squirrel-related story to share:

Thursday, February 4, 2010

oma's in the heart

I wouldn't even know where to start. Let me just preface this by saying nothing has made my heart swell as much as she has. nothing has filled me with such floating, carefree love like she's done. she has given me an imagination, a sense of humor and friendship like no other and i clutch onto it everyday. It begins with memories I am always trying to piece together. My dad being a photographer, documentarian extraordinaire, i am literally able to do this. I have contact sheets of my life, recordings of my martian talk and many baby-constructed sculptures packed away in the studio archives.

my grandpa bought my first solo flight to florida. a summer excursion to play in the beaches with oma. we had gone as a family in a previous summer and stayed in the "white house": a white-tiled, white-walled with bleachy white couches that were potentially problematic for most everyone, especially for us children. Following that holiday, I spent every summer for many years in Lauderdale by the Sea with my dear sweet oma. I call her oma because she is German.

She grew up in Köln. She has amazingly capsulated her memories of this time, sharing bits and pieces, which I try now to document. She has always wanted me to write her story. One day I will. In the midst of the war, she met my grandpa mike, an american soldier who she came back to New York with. I think of her story when she met him in the restaurant they were both working at. Whilst he tried to woo her, he arranged for a night out with a group of the people there, and she remembers how he carried out a tray full of cokes in a bottle, each partly filled with rum and a straw. I can picture this, like an old movie.

She has moved back here with us where we take care of her now. I spend many evenings with my head in her lap where we laugh about our days wearing wigs and fancy clothes, and then cry about a time where she must say goodbye. it is overwhelming... in a good way, because i am lucky to have such an intimate relationship with meine oma.

Sie sind immer in meinem Herzen.

* i took the top photo on December 31, 2009

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

the blueprint series #1

Here's my first plan. We'll technically it's not my first... I do still have that horrible paisley dress in action, which I will have to update for you next. But this is the beginning of a series of alterations. Feel free to give any advice/suggestions. I found this dress at a thrift shop with a collection of sari's and other beautiful indian dresses. Since I probably won't ever be wearing a sari, I thought I could still make use of all the pretty designs and fabrics. Everyone told me to put this one back, but I still believe this will come 'round and become something fantastic! we'll see.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

digging again.

I am always trying to find things to keep me inspired and busy. I should be showing you the pile of clothes I'm currently altering, but I'm waiting for my sewing day with S this weekend. She will finally show me how to use my serger! I've had it for over a year, wrapped quietly in plastic, waiting for big plans for baby dresses and alterations. Here's a few things that have inspired me today:

* Abby Try Again did a beautiful piece on designers Mike and Jessica, who make these sweet lil' houses for air plants. Check out their website here.

* the little stitch has lots of collage ideas that are so pretty and colorful! I need to do this with all my million collections. And then frame them!

* and I walked and I thought tape by Rob Ryan $16.50. You could wrap all your packages in it..

* This purse is from n style vintage from etsy for $125. But I thought you could make your own additions, like wood pieces, to your own purse.
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