Sunday, November 14, 2010

a week ago today

since then, i have realized:

1. to-do lists that are too long defeat the purpose.
2. you should continually clean out old emails and rooms and basements.
3. the darkness comes too soon in the night.
4. thrift store can sometimes have really good books.
5. that time is the answer to everything.

Thursday, November 4, 2010



i need a canoe

one day, on my registry will be a canoe.

running on empty

It's been awhile. I am trying to come back and get this off the floor again. Did I lose you?

I've been thinking of our photo-a-day project again. And starting a sewing class. And recently I've had a new re-found interest in River Phoenix. Today we watched a bit of Stand By Me and The Thing Called Love, which is not so great. But there are a few I haven't seen, so I may be visiting Redbox soon. This photo is amazing.

And today, when there was barely any light at all, we drove quickly to this random little dead end spot and took these photos. I will be back when the light is right. gigi looks amazing though. she reminds me of a 60s actress with perfect beauty & grace.

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