Tuesday, February 2, 2010

digging again.

I am always trying to find things to keep me inspired and busy. I should be showing you the pile of clothes I'm currently altering, but I'm waiting for my sewing day with S this weekend. She will finally show me how to use my serger! I've had it for over a year, wrapped quietly in plastic, waiting for big plans for baby dresses and alterations. Here's a few things that have inspired me today:

* Abby Try Again did a beautiful piece on designers Mike and Jessica, who make these sweet lil' houses for air plants. Check out their website here.

* the little stitch has lots of collage ideas that are so pretty and colorful! I need to do this with all my million collections. And then frame them!

* and I walked and I thought tape by Rob Ryan $16.50. You could wrap all your packages in it..

* This purse is from n style vintage from etsy for $125. But I thought you could make your own additions, like wood pieces, to your own purse.


  1. love the wood handle and buckle on that purse. makes an ordinary purse adorable. i hope stephanie can alter all of my dresses soon! i'll have a whole new wardrobe. glad you'll be using that serger, finally!

  2. i agree, it does make it fancy. and yeah, i know what you mean about eventually having a whole new wardrobe! hopefully i can be successful in fixing them up.


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