Tuesday, July 20, 2010

bebe evie was born

My brother has found something beautiful, and is just as embraced with the womb-like warmness that his darling Evelyn is. She is handed from one cuddle to another for 99% of the day. I can hardly take my eyes off of her, but when I do there are two other beautiful lil' girls in the room. We spent a lazy Sunday with family, and I took a few photos to remember it by.

*Evelyn was born two weeks ago yesterday.


  1. she is so tiny, and the other little girls are so cute.
    all these little nieces in your life, now you need a nephew.

  2. She is so sweet! She looks like him, don't you think? Who needs nephews when you have so many adorable nieces? :-)

  3. I agree. many adorable nieces is pretty good by me. :) and yes, she looks a lot like him!


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