Monday, November 30, 2009

inspire me

*photography by martha bernabe

I have been really liking muted, unsaturated colors lately. Maybe it's winter, or the look of things gone old, that I like. But I love the colors in the first set as well as the details themselves: the chandelier is beautiful, and the tulle dress is amazing! Especially the way the photo was shot in front of the water, with no face and all the layers showing. It's such a nice photo. And lastly, I love the cake stand filled with the color spectrum of threads. I think I could make that an easy DIY project.

*these were found on coco+kelly's page.


  1. I want that little fur jacket, AND the chandelier...

  2. the sequin dress is pretty too.

  3. the detail on that girls dress is superb. i want it.


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