Sunday, August 15, 2010

to pass the time

M & I went to Boston Edison today for the Attic sale, which is a string of estate/garage sales in the beautiful, historical district of Detroit. Unfortunately, the universe was working against us and we showed up with not nearly enough time to navigate and then suddenly a downpour of rain rushed everyone back inside to close up. But just before the rain, we stopped on a porch with letters that read, "F-R-E-E". I picked up this lil' pile of things along with some photographs and tiny art projects. Maybe I'll photograph them because they are really interesting.

When I got home I began to work on a couple projects. This birdhouse I found at a garage sale up north that needed to be nailed back together. It's sweet and I like how it looks all worn like this, so wah-lah!

the table I found on the curb while we drove around in the pouring rain today. The wood was peeling up, so I decided to paint it, and will probably affix wallpaper to the top once I find a pattern I like. But for now, I am using this placemat on my new tv-tray.


  1. nice! good fixin' girl. that french press i found looks good as new. FREE is good.

  2. Oh man, I am so envious! Why did I have to be away? Esme, those look great! How come we never did those things together? Now I feel far away....

  3. Looks lovely!!! see how easy it is?


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