Thursday, February 24, 2011

just rented from the library.

the director, Haim Tabakman says about starting films, "i wasn't a real literary man, and i wasn't a real musician, and I wasn't a real artist maybe, but I felt like there's this medium can really offer me a place to grow, so I went into television university and then after some shouts from my professor because i haven't seen enough classical movies, then I started really to see 3 or 4 films a day and really delved into this."

He likes the poetry of the new wave of 60s french films. "it really convinced me there was a way to be really so free in making films. " movies of jean-luc godard " have this wreckless attack.. i like this energy."

Vivre sa vie just played in Detroit. Gigi and i saw it at the burton theatre. good moozie.

i recommend both.

*z - u will have to see the end.


  1. la nouvelle vague, ahhh
    I haven't seen vivre... but I am a huge fan of Antoine Doinel

  2. eyes wide open, thanks for the reminder! i always hear about a movie i wanna see and then two weeks later i can't even remember the title!


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