Monday, August 22, 2011

infused oils

i recently made mint infused oil for the mojitos, but this one is for my pizza.
if you are interested, here is the recipe for chili pepper oil. They suggest using canola oil, but i used olive oil anyway. :)

I've been putting all my oils and liquids in these little bottles I've accumulated, and then labeling them in a tiny strip of paper in the center. I don't have that shown here, but all my spices follow the same suit. Here's the simple syrup I just made as well. easy to make, and perfect for my iced coffee!


  1. I actually love how that white typewriter font looks on there. Adorable, I love apothecary bottles, especially when they are filled with potions

  2. I love the chili pepper oil they use at supino's. I'll have to try making it myself!

  3. monica- dave just told me how to make it last night!! so i can share the supino secret with you. shh

  4. laura- i love the typewriter font too. i'm thinking of switching over all my labels to typewritten ones. my typewriter... well, one of them... writes only in italics. weird, isn't it? i prefer the other Royal unitalicized one.

  5. yes! i want it. we love making pizza at home! who's dave, the owner?


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