Sunday, September 18, 2011

bday wishes

ok, a lot are just wishes really. so don't get all crazy and "what are you thinking" on me.


flash diffuser


ooh parfummm

McQ by Alexander McQueen dress

McQ by Alexander McQueen dress (see more empire waistline dresses) remember when this dress by Alexander McQueen was $200 instead of $630??

i really want this capelet from anthropologie. but i think they are gone now. boo.

want, but too much. $80. :(

chemix w filters



  1. YES, I do remember when that dress was 200! I tried to buy it off gilt (but in gray and turquoise)but it sold out in my size, boo hoo.

  2. So many cute things! I lave that sweater at the top. A girl in my class had one on just like that and I was admiring it! Yay for birthdays!

  3. i love coffee kitchenware! i've been eyeing a cool chemix. i'll send you the link!


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