Friday, June 26, 2009

michael jackson was my hero.

Everyone has been writing and talking about their sadness over such a loss. he was truly the hero to so many people around the world, and now we are all reminiscing. It's unfortunate that he didn't get to witness again, after all the controversial blows, how people idolized and appreciated what he became to us. 

when i was little my two favorite musicians were Michael Jackson and Prince. My mom was an avid Prince fan so of course Little Red Corvette and When Doves Cry were regular sing-alongs, but my brother and I quickly became huge fans of mj. My first record was this ET special edition record with Michael Jackson which came with a poster that I framed and.. I'm not gonna lie, I would kiss goodnight. 

My brother took up break-dancing and learned both Thriller and Billie Jean moves. He had the glove, the socks and even the red zipper jacket. We have many home movies of his moves, while I sat behind observing, eating my english muffin. All i could do was the "scrambler". The moonwalk was too difficult for me. 

an amazing performance of Billie Jean (1983) -----> here

Thank you for being a true inspiration to so many people. may you rest in peace. 

p.s. I found the poster that I actually framed and kissed goodnight:

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  1. i loved our mini dance tribute to him last night. pretty young thing.


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