Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Who knows Irazu's mystery?

There is a Costa Rican restaurant called Irazu, on Milwaukee in Chicago that has this Oatmeal shake that I have been trying to figure out for awhile now. Does anyone know how to make this amazing shake?? It seems like it would only be a few simple ingredients like: cooked oatmeal, vanilla, soy milk, sugar (possibly agave nectar), cinnamon and ice. But that's not working, and neither are any of my other guesses. Here's a couple photos of my favorite things there. The garlic Yuca which is so full of flavor and crispy, like a french fried potato.  

(click on "Irazu" for the menu"). 

I just found this!----> "The only hint I got about making one though was through this blog Big Sweet Toothwho also wrote about the wonders of Irazu's oatmeal shake, and in passing suggested there has to be some horchata in it (sweetened spice-infused rice water)."  


  1. Hello! Saw a bit of traffic coming to my blog from yours about this Irazu oatmeal milkshake mystery ;)

    Since writing that post, some people have offered suggestions in the comments. Unfortunately, I haven't had time to experiment with any altered recipes since then. Maybe I'll break out the blender and give some a try.

    (Mmm... Yuca con mojo!)

  2. Yum, My personal choice is the palimitos salad.
    let me know if you figure out that shake

  3. I learned more from the comments on T-shirt Azusa's page that it could be this mix that someone had while they were in Costa Rica: water (or half milk), oatmeal that has soaked overnight, a very ripe banana, and cinnamon. i'll let you know if horchata or this other option works.

  4. oh, also... speaking of coconut milk, there was a shake from Soul Veg that was made with: Almonds, coconut milk and brown rice syrup. Not the same, but sounds good too. mmm..


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