Tuesday, June 2, 2009

wildflowers are my favorite.

 (click on photo to view larger)
I had to cut the grass this weekend, even though I kinda liked watching coco run through a field of wildflowers and tall weeds. It was kinda pretty and she loved hiding in her forest of grass. I picked a lil bunch of the flowers and put them in my room, and I can't tell you how much they've lifted my mood. I love the wirey collection, and have always preferred them to something you would pick up in the store, like iris' or roses. Sunday z&i went to the park ,and lil Gabriella and I picked ourselves a new bunch of them. I also found chives which makes a really nice addition! 


  1. Did my mom give you some chives?
    She said you stopped over!

  2. no, she didn't. i should've asked her but i forgot. they won't be blooms for much longer, i don't think. yeah, we went to look at the scooter. your parents are so lovely!

  3. soo pretty! and the mister is great!


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