Sunday, June 13, 2010

more lil' esme

I'm finally getting around to posting these. Every time I look at these photos, I feel my heart get all mooshy with love for these sweet darlings. Esme was such a perfect model, because she was so attentive and still. I've learned recently, it is really difficult to make children sit still and look into the camera!!

She blew me a lil' bubble!

she's trying to pull my camera strap away from me. ha!

playing with mama's bracelet.


  1. wooooow, she has the most giant beautiful eyes.

  2. the third picture made me smile so big. that face!

  3. Precious baby Esme captured so wonderfully by a beautiful grown-up Esme!

  4. I love these and she is so cute! But how could she not be with that name:) I especially love the one of her pulling your camera strap.


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