Tuesday, October 6, 2009

in our second home.

I have catalogs of my life, documented with photos. They rest, untouched in a vault where I occasionally peruse and recreate my memories that are kinda slipping away as each birthday comes and goes.

I found this trip we took to Chicago not that long ago, amongst the piles, and it made me miss summer already. Someday I'll find older photos of times I really have forgotten and share those with you. :)

I love Laura's cabinet with shells in it. She bought me a different variation of these sea urchins for my birthday. They will someday rest in a cabinet like this. (thank you, Laura!).


  1. love these. let's go to chicago soon!

  2. I feel all warm and fuzzy that you feel like we are your second home!!!
    hope to see you this weekend

  3. I am excited to come visit you in our NEW second home! my fingers are still crossed. and yes, let's mon.


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