Friday, October 9, 2009

the design of Ikea.

I took my mom to IKEA today since she's been talking about going for ages, and I figured what better day to go then on a rainy and cold one like today. I lost her the moment I stepped foot inside the doors, so I ventured on alone. I carried around the power surge cords most of the time, until suddenly I did see something I actually really liked:

It actually looks much nicer in person. It reminded me of all the old danish credenza's I've been looking to buy for my house. Although, I would still much rather have a vintage original, I thought this one was pretty nice for $299. I also really liked:

This also reminds me of some old furniture I've liked, and it would match my lil' side table from the estate sale. It costs $199.

These are bowls I should've bought Coco $4. These are by swedish designers Sissi Edholm &
Lisa Ullenius, who have a collection of designs you would recognize from their fabrics and tins at Ikea. Take a look at their website : Edholm Ullenius.

Here's another nice design, which I do not think details any Ikea merchandise.

my one-day DATA flatware $30:

a neat BOJA light $60:

A pillow that had a really nice design of two birds, which you can't see here. It's by Petra Börner, who has lots of really nice designs. You should check her out here. JORAN pillow $15:

Here are a couple other examples of her designs. She has some really amazing details in her work that can only be the product of an immense amount of creativity and patience! :

That's all for my Ikea adventure. I ended up getting two big knives, some sheets, blueberry tea (sounded interesting) and a power surge cord. :) Oh, and I got a lamp so I can shine that daylight on my computer screen when I'm working on photos. I think I should probably invest in something a little more professional though. That day will come soon.


  1. Love the buffet, you should get it!
    we are going to IKEA tomorrow.

  2. Yay Petra Borner! Ikea always hires the best designers. Yay for good designers!


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