Wednesday, January 20, 2010

caught my eye

I have wondered if when we move into our house, if we will have several matching dish sets or just a compilation of all designs. z often jokes sarcastically when I pick up another glass from a shop, "you really need another one of those", which is true, I don't. So I've held off and just admired from the internet instead.

I really like this necklace as well. It's from the 60s, and made to hold exactly $2 in quarters to do your laundry. Great idea.

p.s. I love typewriters.

* typewriter journal from Assembly of Text $14.

* quarter holder necklace from Snoozer Loser $20.

* pink and gold set from Louis Boston.


  1. mixed matched is good! I'm going to start looking for mix matched vintage china in light pink and gold. Very lacy, girly, and granny-ish.

  2. i love having different sets of cups, plates, saucers, etc. as if every one has a story. it doesn't have to match! i think when i'm an old lady i will still live with that mentality! i love it!


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