Monday, January 11, 2010

wedding accessories

These are just some accessories I've stumbled onto for brides. I like the organic look of the rings, although sometimes they look strange on, but it's hard to tell from these photos. Some of the other things, like the veil, or belt... I think you could probably make a DIY version that would look just as nice.

I usually prefer tulle, but thought the dress looked vintage and elegant.

* dress from alix kelly. $1600

*rockwell ring from thebeside on etsy for $480

* rings from blancamonrosgomez on etsy for $165.

* headbands from quirky beauty on etsy for $30.

* flower belt from j.crew for $25. The original one has sold out.

* bolero / silk jacket from english dept on etsy. $195

* birdcage veil from YJ design on etsy for $22.


  1. wow, I really love that dress. and you could hem it after the wedding and still wear it.

  2. i love english dept! my friend colleen wore that for her wedding! sadly it does not go with my dress. booooooo

  3. you're right... you could hem it and keep the dress for later. hmm. but you'd have to be very smooth to pull that dress off. :)

  4. ooo, I didn't see those headbands before (they didn't load)
    we could make those!!!


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