Sunday, March 7, 2010

the cape in you.

yesterday e & i took some photos outside and i had her put on this cape I found in my old vintage pile from high school. Capes keep popping up everywhere these days, and there are so many different styles! Although, they aren't always the most convenient piece of clothing since it's difficult to function proficiently without being able to stretch your arms out.

I like the one that Nicole Ritchie is wearing below, with the big arms.

The second to bottom was found on ebay for $13.50. there are some other cute things on there by this seller that you should check out.

The last one is from blanc de chine for about $1600. I love having a collar with the caplet! pretty.


  1. capes! let's rock em this spring!!

  2. ha you know I'm crazy for capes! I love that white one, I want to make it! I don't know about the big button though.

  3. the colorful one w/ the love love. and her boots are killer. i also like sienna millers little cape. it's charming and it looks cute with a mini skirt.


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