Monday, March 29, 2010

the living room

I wanted to find some good design ideas for the living room. Here's just a few:

More scientific bottles that find a purpose! I don't really want glass scientific bottles all around my house, but I've seen some great uses for them.

If you were living in a loft, I like this idea of having a bookshelf running across one wall like this:

Having frosted glass like this seems old on the wood bookcase/shelf type thing and I like how it hides some of the clutter.
This is the workspace of a collaborative group of artists and in Brooklyn called Common Spaces. It's a great idea! And they are all environmentally responsible businesses which is even better!

Sources (from top to bottom) : whimsey & spice from D*S / auburn & ivory / design is mine / trina daslziel on D*S / Marianne Von ooij's (posted on design sponge) / Jordan Butcher / Common Spaces


  1. lets get some frost and do your little cabinet can't believe you got it for free, I need to hang around Ferndale more!

  2. i looooove the idea of a bookshelf taking up the entire wall.

  3. Hey I just found a giant glass bottle like those at an estate sale.


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