Thursday, February 9, 2012

maybe baby

in helping my dear friend with ideas for her wedding, I've slowly collected a pile of my own.

This first photo is taken by Our Labor of Love. Such a pretty shot, and I love those streamers!

not sure how i would incorporate this yet, but it's nice, maybe for some photos. from

my colors.. love the sparkly, magical feel, also nostalgic and faded.. like a dreeeeaaaaammm from

love these colors, and love anenomes!

gold flatware from

i like the color of these plates. found at

no idea who this is by, but i like it:

lil white lights and a forest, they don't even need to go together, i like em' both:

I will take this DIY idea of hanging a parachute from the ceiling! it's so pretty.

dream dress from neimans:

I love her dress! the belt is amazing, as well as her little white victorian laced boots. the bridal party colors and photography is pretty amazing as well. Check out all of bluebird here.

and i REALLY love these two photos! my god, it brought tears to my eyes. That's what photography is supposed to capture. Amazing job, Brooke Schwab.

maybe a end of night party dress too:

monique huiller:

found the booties, but they are .. or were $480. from BHLDN which i think is an item of the past. ho hum. .... but wait! i did find them at BHLDN and for $280 on sale! but they do not have my size anymore.


  1. the first photo is from the wedding of one of my fav wedding photographers Max Wanger . It was shot by another awesome wedding photography couple Our Labor of Love
    P.S.- it's fun to see you blogging so much more. I need to get on that too :)

  2. wow, great stuff! i think i've seen max's work before, so fun. Thanks Shelley!! Yeah, I know what you mean. lull's are easy to come by. I'm still slowly working my new blog. :) It's difficult to manage the time when you are editing 23/7. i like to leave that last hour for sleep. !!


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