Sunday, August 23, 2009

let's plant a garden.

Unfortunately, my house doesn't allow for much light to come in, so having the array of plants I would like isn't really possible. I have started a small collection of succulents, which I either want to have in single mini pots, or collectively in one pot. or both! Also, I'd like to start an herb garden. Although, all of these things, I feel should wait until I have proper lighting. But I did find a couple pots that looked like they may either help my watering issues, or I just like how they look. I wish I could've taken some of the air plants we saw in the forest, in Costa Rica. I have been talking about putting together a terrarium for ages!!

Self watering pots, bullet planter $160 here... or here,

*garden tips here*

1 comment:

  1. yes lets!!! I want fresh herbs, and tomatoes that taste like tomatoes!


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