Wednesday, May 13, 2009

bonnie "prince" billy

Last night we went to see Will Oldham, aka Bonnie "Prince" Billy perform at the Crofoot. This being my third time seeing him play, I was very excited, as his previous shows were both beautiful and entertaining. I saw him about six years ago in Ohio, and maybe four years ago at The Detroit Institute of Arts, in his pink jumpsuit. I'm not so familiar with his new album, but the performance was a cohesive assembly, full of a never-tiresome medley. It kinda teetered between these foot-tapping diddy's and then softer songs with bass cello, strong female vocals, violin and his amazingly heart-getting ballads. And the most impressive drummer! I wish I could've captured his spirit and his maneuvering of the drumsticks. 

I just heard a great interview on WNYC's Soundcheck. Listen, here:
Also, take a peek at the trailer for his latest movie role, Wendy and Lucy. He even has a song in it! I haven't seen it yet, but plan to at some point. I'm kinda horrible at keeping up with my netflix. 

I really wish I had recorded No Bad News. It's such a pretty song... it almost made me weep last night, but the girl next to me was hippy'ing out to a point of distraction. It was nice that she was feeling it, but it was kinda pulling me out of my moment.  Here's a little from No Bad News:

She clenches and she cries and she lays on the stairs
Pounding on the earth and yanking at her hairs
And showing such fear at being found unawares
To be here and be bringing bad news


Well, she's told, "Hold your buttons and look at the sky
Someone will fix things if you let your face dry
Keep your face near the earth and your heart beat high
And you may transcend the bad news"


Mm, hey little bird – hey little bird
Thank you for not letting go of me when I let go of you.


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  2. what was that song from the very beginning..."something, turning point.." i loved it. nice pics, es. cute boy humps sign.


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