Saturday, May 9, 2009

wedding details

I suppose that because I'm a photographer, occasionally of weddings, I've become more attentive to the details. Perhaps one day I will be designing my own wedding invitations with dots and a silkscreen print, or a Diana photograph.. who knows. But I've found these details on Design * Sponge that were beautiful:

Invitation Design by: Alyson Fox

I'm not sure how this would actually look, but it's nice to see something different, and peacock feathers are always so pretty. Photo from InStyle
I love Anemone bouquets. 
They are in season from January though May, and then again from August through December.  

Peonies are available from late Spring to early Summer. I love them in this jar too. A pretty photo from twelve 11

I would love ranunculus with some wildflowers or thistle.

This pretty ranunculus & rose bouquet with thistle is from The Knot. I like the leaves too, probably because it makes it less formal.

These dried Thistle are $8.99 a bunch at Save-on-crafts!
They have branches that you can even buy, to add to bunches or make a vase of. They don't have the yellow pom pom flowers though. Does anyone remember what those are called? 

Pineapples? Is this right? The Seed Man has these 25 seeds/packet for $2.15! so cute! I need to get some of these and make a wildflower bunch. Wouldn't it be sweet to have someone pick a bunch of wildflowers for you and ride them over to you on their bike? 

more bike rides, fresh strawberries, wheat grass, and fresh rolls.

oh! i found this photo: calls them Scabiosa flowers
This Posies and wild-like bunch are also from

So, I think I've gotten carried away with the flowers suddenly. I could go on too, but there are many other details involved. Here's some lil' cakes from Martha Stewart. I like that they are small and have lil' dots, although I would probably use something other than a rose on top. 

I love the colors here, and the tissue pom-poms are so pretty. Laura made some for Gabriella's birthday party and I kept one. (shh). Wait till you see the ridiculous photo I took with it. It makes for a very fancy hat. haha. Take a look at Martha's web page for instructions on how to assemble your very own...


  1. The peonies are about to bloom in our yard! They are my absolute favorite!! Let's dig them up and take them with us when we move:-)

  2. the thistle kind of looks like the purple flowers that grow out of chives.
    I'll post them soon.


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