Saturday, May 9, 2009

cooking with you.

I love this website! They have so many delicious recipes and the photos are beautiful! This vegetable tempura looks like a perfect, on-the-porch springtime meal. I'll start putting some of my own photos up once I get in the kitchen again. it's too bad cupcakes weren't better for you.

something that would go nicely as a refreshing finish to this meal, would be a springtime mint mojito! 

1.25 oz Captain Morgan® Original spiced rum
12 mint leaves
1 tbsp sugar
0.5 oz lime juice
2 oz soda
Place mint leaves in bottom of glass. Add crushed ice, Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum, sugar, and lime juice, and muddle. Add soda water and garnish with mint leaves.

1 comment:

  1. must be delicious right.

    how about sugar, if i put some hunny is that ok?

    i guess so!


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